5 Jun 2018

NOVUS ORDO: When stealth priestesses replace priests in Corpus Christi processions and benediction

Woman carries the monstrance for Corpus Christi

I got the following article from Eric Gajewski's TradCatKnight. It’s interesting!

Those who are keen observers of what is going on in today’s modernist Rome and in the Novus Ordo world generally know that the issue of Women Priests is already settled. (Note carefully: Settled among modernists, never among Catholics).

Wonder why many of today’s “Catholics” still can’t understand what’s going on in today’s Church? The reason is simple: by developing hatred for the truth over the years they have allowed the demons to enter into them and possess them—the result is that when they see the truth they call it a lie and when they see a lie they call it truth. I have written articles about this unfortunate development, and about women “priesthood” being championed by heretic Bergoglio and his apostate priests, bishops and cardinals all over the world. (Please note that many demon-possessed priests in Nigeria are also implementing these things gradually. In several Churches in Lagos and Abuja, for instance, you will see things like "altar girls" and other similar abominations). See the following article (and search this blog for other related ones): Francis and his gang of heretics pushing for women ordination. 

The article:

Sunday, June 3, 2018
NOVUS ORDO: When stealth priestesses replace priests in Corpus Christi processions and benediction

Picture from the ladies immediately following the Most Blessed Sacrament during the Corpus Christi Procession with Francis in Ostia, June 3.

Woman Carries the Monstrance For Corpus Christi

Last Thursday, in the municipality of Kirchbach, St Pölten diocese (eastern Austria), pastoral assistant Sabine Latzenhofer, carried the monstrance below a baldachin for the Corpus Christi procession. Latzenhofer also read the gospel and blessed the faithful with holy water.
St Pölten diocese is run by Opus Dei Bishop Klaus Küng (76).


[What’s a “female evangelist”?  As some ask: Is she a Catholic or a member of a non-Catholic charismaniac cult? – AQ Tom]
Social media users, especially Catholics, have reacted in outrage after photos of a female Evangelist lifting the Monstrance containing the Blessed Sacrament surfaced online.

Traditionally, in the Catholic church, only the priests are allowed to carry the Monstrance and it is considered a sacred object because it contains the Blessed Sacrament believed to be the body and blood of Jesus Christ.
Which is why the photo of a non-catholic female evangelist lifting it during a prayer session has sparked outrage.
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