10 May 2018

Gala 2018 is a proof that the devil exists

by Jonathan Ekene Ifeanyi
"His Holiness Pope Francis"
On October 12, 1987, Our Lord said the following (in a vision) to Rev. Sister Anna Ali of Kenya:

“My daughter, listen attentively to what I tell you. The times demand accelerated action. My pain is immense! Humanity has not become aware of the scourge that threatens it. Pray a great deal. Freemasonry hurls itself against the Church...Freemasons abuse my very Gospel! Their iniquity is repugnant. They are executing themselves with their own hands. ...My heart is pierced with suffering because humanity does not repent. There is only avarice in acquiring new lands to dominate them like thieves and wolves. I am very much abused. The world is in pain. Desolation and deaths are coming. The whole world will be at war. Ruin and death will befall it. The deadly weapons will not only exterminate armies, but also the holiest and most sacred things, children, the aged, and the infirm. What a sorrow, My daughter! The iniquitous rules of nations have all broken God’s Law. The devil will cast his evil powers and in a given moment will destroy the best part of the flock. ...Leaders are responsible for all humanity either to save it or to destroy it...” (Divine Appeal 19).

For years, Jesus was very busy giving messages like this to different seers (often to seers who didn't even understand the messages being given to them!) in different parts of the world but was totally ignored by Catholics and their bad leaders. Today, at last, we have lived to see a Freemason become the “pope” and having his cardinals, all of them recognised as such by the whole world. The world, indeed, has gone mad!

In the past centuries, the Catholic Church suffered from attacks coming from those outside the Church—the Protestants and others. Today, on the contrary, the Church is being persecuted by FALSE BRETHREN—"Catholics" who support Freemasons to become "pope" and "cardinals" in order to destroy the Church so easily. The photos below and above—a public mockery of the papacy, the angels, Virgin Mary, and Our Lord Himself—are just an example of how the devil hates us and our Catholic Faith. They were taken at a New York gallery display held on Monday, May 7, 2018, with the theme: 'Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination' ...and a "cardinal" was present. The Vatican gave permission for the Gala to be “Catholic-themed” because it provided a variety of clothes and other items for an accompanying exhibition at the Met Gala. In fact, apart from the Met Gala itself, among the fashion items that the Vatican provided to be exhibited alongside more than 40 sacred vestments and other sacred items from the Sistine Chapel, there was to be found a clothing-fashion for a female pope! As we learnt, the Vatican and the organisers of this sacrilegious event had spent over two years planning it. Then the Pontifical Academy for Culture headed by the Freemason “Cardinal” Ravasi finally executed it! One reporter said that Masonic “Cardinal” Ravasi and Masonic Francis made the decision to open the Church’s treasures to the world of fashion and to hand them over to the world and the mockers of Catholic things. That's true. However, it's also true that even some of the items provided by the Vatican—like the clothing-fashion for a female pope—are not Catholic but a mockery of it! So Francis' Vatican, in fact, carefully planned and executed this mockery! (No need of too much talk. Watch the video of the Vatican's exhibition HERE).

Have a look:
Timothy “Cardinal” Dolan with the naked ladies. Dolan is said to have been instrumental in securing the Vatican’s support for the event and even lent one of his miters to pop star Rhiana. (See the first photo above). Dolan said he was there to teach "the truth". "...we’re into art, poetry, music, liturgy, and, yes, even fashion… to thank God for beauty", he said. You can read his speech at the occasion HERE.
Dolan having fun with the naked ladies
Dolan having fun with the naked ladies
The Angels mocked
Jesus mocked
Virgin Mary mocked
Virgin Mary mocked
Virgin Mary mocked
The papacy was also mocked. (See the first photo above: "His Holiness Pope Francis"). Watch the whole mess HERE.

Similarly, Michael Hichborn writes (in his newsletter which I received a few days ago):

"Om.... ommm... ohhhhmmmy -- you won't believe what the Vatican let through the doors this week.

"If you're like me, you might be a tad bit surprised and shocked to learn that one of our leading 21st-century theologians is none other than American pop-star and semipro, nun-eviction specialist, Katy Perry.

"Her topic of expertise? Transcendental meditation.

"For those who aren't aware of what transcendental meditation (or TM for short) is, it is the Buddhist practice of self-awareness through breathing, listening to heart palpitations, and the like. But there's an added element in the spiritual practice, one that treats self-awareness as signs from the infinite.

"There is a reason why Catholic theologians have warned against this sort of openness to the spiritual. That sort of openness can invite the sort of spirit you might not want... and yes, we're talking about the diabolic.

"Diabolic possession is a very real and serious thing. One cannot be cavalier about the devil's existence and his capacity for subterfuge. Remember what Our Lord said about the demons who leave a house, but after a time, return to it finding the house swept and clean, but then brings 7 other spirits more wicked than himself? (Luke 11:24-26) This is precisely what Our Lord was talking about!

"Transcendental meditation is not a means of clearing the self, but rather akin to unlocking your doors and throwing the family jewels, wallet, and social security card out on the front lawn for the nearest visitor -- and those visitors tend to bring friends when they see an easy target.

"Katy Perry wasn't just given a mere venue for her ideas on transcendental meditation at the Vatican. Perry was permitted to speak her mind on this topic from the same seat used by the Holy Father for major Church meetings. Practically from the throne, so to speak.

"...and did we mention that Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi -- head of the Pontifical Academy for Culture sponsoring this event -- is listed as an honorary Freemason? Draw your conclusions as you will..."

(More disturbing and indeed mysterious is the fact that this writer, Michael Hichborn, like many Catholics out there, still refers to Francis as "Holy Father"!)

Have a look at Katy Perry but just be mindful of your eyes. (NOTE: Perry is also the angel above!):

Francis and Katy Perry
Katy Perry in action

Katy Perry in action
Note that Francis has a long-standing relationship with pop-stars and Katy Perry is in no way the only one he has ever honoured in this way. See, for instance, Francis receives pop star Martina Stoessel!

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