29 Jul 2018

Interesting facebook posts on “transgender”!

Jonathan Ekene Ifeanyi


Martin Desnudo wrote:

“I’m old enough to remember the early journeys of transgender pioneers like Canary Conn and Christine Jorgensen. I’ve watched the evolution of transgender from back then to today with some interest. At one time, it seemed like changing your sex was a sensible route for dealing with same-sex attraction. If you‘re attracted to men, you must be a woman inside, right? It sounds ridiculous, but that was common thinking at the time.

“I remember the exact moment my mind was blown. I was at a party in Vancouver, Canada in my late 20s and got introduced to this beautiful, tall guy with long hair. Charlie mentioned he was transitioning, at 25 years old, and he was married and had a baby son. I assumed he was transitioning because he was attracted to men, but he told me that he struggled for years with the realization that he is a lesbian. I mean, this was a gorgeous guy in a happy marriage. He was deeply sexually attracted to women and not at all to men. But he said that in his core, he could only fully be in love with and have sex with women AS a woman. We ended up becoming friends and he finished his surgeries. His wife tried to make the marriage work, but in the end she couldn’t see herself in a relationship long-term with another woman, and they divorced.

“It caused me to re-think everything I thought I knew about gender identity. The case of David Reimer a couple of decades earlier was being discussed a lot, where Dr John Money of Johns Hopkins argued that children will be whatever you raise them as. David Reimer had lost his penis in a botched circumcision (more common than we realize) and Money convinced his parents to raise him as a girl from late infancy. Long story short, it didn’t work. Despite his parents insisting he was Brenda, he kept rebelling and insisting he was a boy. It all became too much and he later committed suicide.

“So here’s what I feel in 2018: I’ll never completely understand what anyone facing transgenderism feels. I’m a cis male and I fucking love it. I think that those contemplating changing their gender are of several types: those who are doing it to fit some societal expectation, those who get convinced that they’re a different sex inside, and those who genuinely are in the wrong biological body (which I suspect is real but a small subset of the transgender universe). For example, I’m friends with Jazz Jennings and her family here in South Florida, through my work on the Broward Schools LGBT advisory committee. I’m convinced that Jazz knew from birth that she was a girl, and I support her change journey.

“Ultimately, it’s not up to me to tell people what to do. Because my belief system is that you can be anything you want to be with the body you were born with, I’d never encourage someone to change their sex. But I’ll always be supportive of the well thought-out choices my friends make about what body they live with, as long as it doesn't impair their health or happiness. As for who uses what bathroom or serves in the military, anyone legislating or interfering with that can go fuck right off.”

So I responded:

“You started with an excellent post, Martin. Then suddenly you messed the whole thing up in the fourth and fifth paragraphs!”

Again, Aaron Frost wrote:

“My general approach is to reject the entire construct of gender altogether. I think that we do society a disservice by splitting into two classes like this. I feel that the more we learn to ignore biological sex and dispel the illusion of gender, the better off everyone will be. Raising people as one gender or another based on what's between their legs always seems to screw them up with toxic ideas. Masculinity and femininity are both toxic in my experience. I think we should remove gender entirely from our language and treat it the same as the difference between people with attached and detached earlobes (it only matters if you think it does). Each individual should have free reign to decide who they want to be without these useless gender roles getting in the way and telling them who to be.”

I responded: "Nonsense!"Each individual" can never "have free reign to decide who they want to be", Aaron Frost. You don't and can never have the "right" to "choose" who you want to be. God has already made you who you MUST BE. It's just illusion to think you can change that — a massive illusion now tormenting the Western world.”

Aaron Frost:Jonathan Ekene Ifeanyi I suppose it didn't cross your mind that that your personal opinions might just be wrong. Do you ever change your mind, or do you just keep defending the same opinions regardless of reality? The fact that you believe something doesn't magically make it true, especially if you're just swallowing canned superstition from primitive institutions that exploit gullibility and motivated confirmation bias to manipulate sheeple. People who flail around the internet treating their delusions like established fact are an embarrassment to our entire species and a nuisance to the cause of progress. Please go learn basic logic and reason before pretending your antiquated delusions have any bearing on the truth of actual reality in the modern age. Grown-ass adults should know better that to fall for the stuff you have plastered all down your page, so you don't have anywhere near the credibility to challenge Martin. Any time you disagree with him, it's a very safe assumption he's not the one who is wrong.”

Jonathan Ekene Ifeanyi: “Aaron Frost, if you are a man, you are a man. If you are a woman, you are a woman. What is "superstition" about that?”

Aaron Frost: “Google it and take responsibility to educate yourself. It's the information age and you're an adult. You shouldn't be asking people to explain this stuff to you in Facebook comments when the information is freely abundant for anyone willing to question their ignorance and expose their own assumptions.”

Jonathan Ekene Ifeanyi: “
My friend shut up your smelly mouth! You have no education. You have only ignorance.”

Let us beware! The West has really gone mad! Paul McHugh, a professor of psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, perfectly recognises this very fact—it's just MADNESS! McHugh has challenged the “born-this-way” hypothesis, recommending psychiatric therapy for "transgender" people, especially children, so that they accept the gender assigned to them at birth.

“McHugh has gained a following among social conservatives, while incensing LGBT advocates with comments such as calling transgender people “counterfeit.”

“Last year he co-authored a review of the scientific literature published in The New Atlantis journal, asserting there was scant evidence to suggest sexual orientation and gender identity were biologically determined.”

Read more from this article:
Born this way? Researchers explore the science of gender identity

The insanity in action: The photo below is the so-called “World’s First Pregnant Man”! “His” name is “Thomas” Beatie! But is “Thomas” really a man? Answer: No, he is not. She is rather a woman and her (original) name is Tracy Lagondino.
Tracy who became "Thomas"
So how come Tracy Lagondino is now a man? And how come she actually looks like a real man?

Answer: “Thomas” Beatie, the so-called pregnant man, is from Phoenix, Arizona, and was born as a woman named Tracy Lagondino in 1974, but began “transitioning” in her twenties before having “gender reassignment” surgery in 2012. And the pregnancy? Well, she retained her female reproductive organs, “married a wife” and carried three babies. And her masculine appearance? Well, when Tracy was in her twenties, she is said to have started having testosterone injections, giving her facial hair, a lower voice and “altering her sexual organs”. Tracy then had a mastectomy to remove her breasts, and hormone treatment that gave her an outwardly male appearance.

So who impregnated her?

Answer: Because Tracy retained her female reproductive organs while undergoing the gender change, she gave birth to three children conceived with DONATED SPERM. She became known as the “Pregnant Man” when she first became pregnant in 2008.

“I actually opted not to do anything to my reproductive organs because I wanted to have a child one day. I see pregnancy as a process, and it doesn’t define who I am,” Tracy (“Thomas”) told Oprah Winfrey in April,2008.

“I feel it’s not a male or female desire to have a child. It’s a human need. I’m a person and I have the right to have a biological child,” she (“he”) said.

Tracy (“Thomas”) was impregnated with sperm from a donor. “His” (her) wife, Nancy, inseminated her at home with a device she said was like a syringe without the needle. They bought it from a veterinarian and it is typically used to feed birds.

So “Thomas” is actually a woman—Tracy Lagondino!

Today the West is gradually accepting “transgender” as a reality—just as it now officially accepts evolution as a “scientific fact”. See: Evolution compatible with the Bible?
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