21 Aug 2015

Vatican Now Recruiting Priests online to become abortion-forgiving "missionaries of mercy"

By Jonathan Ekene Ifeanyi

Francis I

"Missionaries of Mercy" of Francis I

Modern Catholic women commit more sins by
approaching the confessional with the hairs uncovered.

The Vatican is currently accepting applications from priests around the world who wish to join the corps of “Missionaries of Mercy” that Francis I will create for the Jubilee Year.

In April, when he unveiled his plans for the “Year of Mercy” in the “bull” Misericordiae Vultus, Francis said that the missionaries of mercy would be granted “the authority to pardon even those sins reserved to the Holy See.” Those reserved sins include desecration of the Holy Eucharist and direct abortion!

Official Catholic doctrine places abortion in a special class of sins that lead to automatic excommunication, a banishment from the life of the church that is considered one of its most serious punishments. Usually, only bishops or the pope can offer forgiveness for these types of sins in certain special circumstances—the sinner can also be forgiven by making a pilgrimage to Rome during a Holy Year.

The Pontifical Council for the New Evangelisation, which is coordinating plans for Jubilee events, is now encouraging priests to apply for the new role. The application form calls for “welcoming, loving, and compassionate confessors”—in other words not just all confessors, for instance those who would make the sinner feel the gravity of his or her offences, but only the “welcoming, loving, and compassionate confessors”—that is, the false prophets who would tell these sinners that all is well and that their sins do not really matter before God.  

Archbishop Rino Fisichella, president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting New Evangelization, is in charge of organising events for the “Holy Year”, which is slated to begin in December. He said that the priests chosen for this mission will have to “be patient” and have “an understanding of human fragility,” the Catholic Herald reports.

Applications for the Missionaries of Mercy are available online, and the Pontifical Council for New Evangelisation, the Vatican body organising plans for the Jubilee Year events, is currently encouraging priests to apply for the "Holy Father's new initiative". Applicants are asked to submit a letter of endorsement from their diocesan bishops or religious superiors. The first Missionaries of Mercy will be commissioned on Ash Wednesday of 2016 and sent out on their assignments. 

The theme of the “Holy Year”, which begins on December 8th, has been widely interpreted as a signal by Francis that “the church” should be “less judgmental”—meaning that “the church” should stop condemning evil, should stop calling sins their real names. In a document known as a ‘bull of indiction’, explaining how he wants Catholics to celebrate the Jubilee year, Francis said that “the church must be ‘an oasis of mercy’ ”. It went on: “The Church’s very credibility is seen in how she shows merciful and compassionate love.”

The United Nations, an evil organisation strongly endorsed by Francis, has previously condemned the Vatican under Benedict XVI for excommunicating the mother and doctor of a nine-year-old girl who had an abortion in Brazil in 2009 after she was raped by her stepfather and became pregnant with twins, and Francis is currently indicating his support of the UN on that.

But the current move is not likely to be approved universally. Italian cardinal Velasio De Paolis said it could cause ‘confusion’ among the faithful. He said: “Regardless of this decision by the pope, the church will continue to consider abortion a sin”. “I hope it does not cause confusion,” said the Cardinal.

Cardinal Velasio De Paolis told La Nazione: “He is the “pope of mercy” and wants to show the “benevolence” of the church towards sinners. This does not cancel the sin of abortion.”

Now many nominal Catholics are already fooled by this gesture and believe that the “Holy Father” is really doing something wonderful. But why is Francis really doing this?

To understand his intention—at least slightly—we need to pose some questions: How does Francis actually view sins? Does he even believe that sin exists? If he does—if he does believe that abortion is really a sin—then what has he done, for instance, about the horror of the Planned Parenthood now murdering countless of innocent babies in the United States? Similarly, in the wake of the legalization of “gay marriage” in the United States, following its legalization in Ireland, why did “the Pope”, in contrast, identify what he considers the major moral evil of our time, namely “neglect of the environment as witnessed by such atrocities as too much “air conditioning”? Why? What type of “mercy” can a man who does not even believe that abortion and homosexuality are grave sins really be talking about?

To understand Francis’ current emphasis on “mercy” towards abortionists, we really need to look inwards, and pronto. In the past, for instance, he’s criticized church leaders for becoming “obsessed” with hot-button issues like abortion and same-sex “marriage”, instead of focusing on making sure the church is a “home for all.”

As for his saying that the missionaries of mercy would be granted the authority to pardon “even those sins reserved to the Holy See”, which include desecration of the Eucharist and direct abortion, I refer you to his similar speech at Ecuador, on July 7, 2015, where, during his outdoor celebration of the "Holy Sacrifice of the Mass", he asked the hundreds of thousands of Hispanics in attendance to pray for the coming October 2015 "Extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the Family", asking that "God might transform into a miracle even what might seem impure, scandalous and threatening".

The statementlike the present call for "mercy" and "forgiveness"drew cheers from Francis' audience who may not have been catechised well enough to understand what he was actually asking of themthat is, to pray that God facilitates the Synodic Bishops to relax the moral integrity of the teachings of the Catholic Church to deny the indissolubility of the Sacramental marriage, thereby permitting couples in invalid, irregular "second" marriages, including those unions between same-sex partners, to be allowed to receive Holy Communion! 

Thus just as he sees homosexuality as something perfectly normal, so also, for him, abortion or the desecration of Holy Eucharist is not just a big deal, at all.

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