12 Aug 2015

Francis receives pop star Martina Stoessel!

Martina Stoessel, aka Violeta, an Argentine actress, dancer and pop singer, was received by Pope Francis on September 1, 2014, at the Vatican. Violeta told the press that the Pope kissed her, but no photo is available. 

She was in Italy to perform in Rome's Olympic Stadium on the same day as her papal audience. The feature number of her performance was Imagine, the well-known song of John Lennon, sung in Italian and English. The photos you see below are from that show.

It is hard to believe that the Pope was not informed of the singer's schedule, including her announced performance of the anarchist song Imagine, which starts with the denial of Heaven and Hell and expresses a longing for the end of all religions, included Catholicism.

It is difficult not to see in the papal reception of Violeta a direct support of vulgar and immoral pop culture and an indirect endorsement of Lennon's revolutionary message. A video of the show is available below:


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