11 Jul 2015

Dishonouring the Mother of God: Francis Incenses Statue depicting Blessed Virgin Mary Without Veil!!!

On the Feast of All Saints, Nov. 1, 2013, "Pope" Francis visited Verano Cemetery in Rome and offered the Novus Ordo Worship Service there. As part of the "Mass", he incensed a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary with the Christ-Child. Though the statue is quite beautiful, it depicts the Great Mother of God, Mary Most Holy, in a very irreverent and typically "modern" way: It shows the Queen of Heaven without a veil covering her head!!!

Here are two photos of the statue:
Both of these photos were published by Catholic News Service, taken from Nov. 1 tweets here and here.

No doubt, there will be a number of people reading this post thinking, "Oh give me a break, what's the big deal?!" But people who are reacting this way don't understand or appreciate the meaning and importance of the veil, especially the veil of the Immaculate Virgin, who is spotless, without stain or wrinkle, and the perfect model of holiness in all things.
The following articles explain a bit the significance of the veil for the Catholic woman:

Obviously, as the perfect model of all Catholics, especially women, the Blessed Virgin must at all times be depicted in an exemplary state. And she would never neglect to wear her veil, at least not in the Presence of her Divine Son. The veil is a great testimony to her unassertiveness, her hiddenness, her total and perfect dedication to God. To tear the veil off the head of the Mother of God is a great insult to her sanctity, her purity, her modesty, her humility. It is an attack on the great Mystery of the Incarnation and the Divine Maternity.

Think about it: Holy Mother Church requires women to wear a veil in church, at liturgical functions, and especially at Holy Mass and in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. Depicting the Holy Virgin in the presence of Christ without a veil would be tantamount to showing Mary in church, at Holy Mass, in front of the Blessed Sacrament exposed, without a head covering! What an insult this would be to our Lord, her Divine Son! 

Rendering the Mother of God in this way is therefore very disrespectful to Jesus Christ and also to His holy Mother. Our Lady is being mocked, and the person claiming to be the Supreme Pontiff doesn't care -- or perhaps he didn't even notice. It speaks volumes that apparently no one has raised a public outcry over this, or at least made known the concern. Then again, Novus Ordo adherents are so used to seeing women supposedly dedicated to God without a habit or a veil, and so it comes as no surprise that one less veil just wouldn't make a difference.

Our Lady, Vanquisher of All Heresies, pray for us.

Source: Novus Ordo Watch. 
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