25 Jul 2015

All or Nothing: Final Battle Being Fought!

Catholics around the globe must wake up from their apathetic slumber and realise that “Pope” Francis, an anti-pope, is solely responsible for all the evils we’re witnessing currently around the world—whether we’re considering the current unprecedented assault on Catholic doctrines by the man himself and his co-workers, or the abandonment of true religion and religious faith by men and women around the world and hence the diabolical “approval” of deadly sins by different countries—homosexuality in Ireland, in Mexico, in the United States, and so on.

Below is a newsletter we’ve just received from late Father Gruner’s Fatima Centre. Although here, Francis 1 is still being presented as “the Pope”, the write-up is touching, so we have decided to publish a better part of it: 

All or Nothing: Final Battle Being Fought!

In 2013 late Father Gruner was harassed in Rome while he was trying to see Pope Francis to discuss the issues of Fatima and the consecration of Russia.The Head of Vatican Security told him plainly: "You can't see the pope". Ironically, it was the same pope of the "poor" and "marginalized" that everybody could and can now see and touch! 

Francis 1! 

Any serious suggestion that the End Times may be upon us is certain to raise eyebrows and a weak smile of condescension among those who regard the present state of the Church and the world as admittedly problematic but assuredly not insoluble by the usual means: economic policy, social reform, dialogue, diplomacy, and, above all, rhetoric that resonates with popular sentiment, largely generated by the media.

It may not be the best of times, but it is decidedly not the worst, according to conventional wisdom, as expressed by broadcast pundits and political leaders and, quite sadly, the optimistic promoters of what is now called “Francis-Church.”

Curiously, or perhaps not so curiously, enthusiasm for the current papacy is often found in secular publications with a longstanding opposition to Church teaching, such as the New York Times, which welcome what they regard as the long-overdue deconstruction of Catholic dogma and morals by a man with a mind and heart attuned to the needs of those living in the modern world (see: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/15/opinion/pope-francis-and-the-art-of-joy.html?_r=0).

Indeed, there are some rose-colored views that credit these latter days with significant improvement as evidenced by what are considered enlightened decisions about homosexual “marriage” and a shift in the attitude towards homosexuality among religious institutions, including the Catholic Church, which, admittedly, must do more to remove the stigma its former bigotry imposed on same-sex couples (see: http://www.catholicvote.org/the-catholic-church-in-crisis/).

That approval of sodomy should have become the measure of social progress is alarming, but it appears to alarm very few — at least not seriously. And the Church’s tepid response — or complete lack of response in some instances — to developments that attack the foundation of Faith and family betray the absence of moral seriousness on the part of those into whose hands the institutional Church — and the direction of countless souls — have been placed.

The media, casting about for targets at which to aim accusations of intolerance and religion-based bigotry, have been forced to focus on Protestant figures, such as Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, who has said plainly that we have reached a decisive moment in our history: we must choose between God’s law and man’s law. The Supreme Court, according to Justice Moore, has set itself in opposition to eternal and natural law and its decisions and their ramifications must be resisted, no matter what the price.

Justice Moore’s remarks, according to media reports, are made to “radical” anti-abortion and anti-gay rights groups, a.k.a Christians. There is a menacing tone to the news coverage, one that suggests Moore represents a danger that must be addressed. No doubt, in the fullness of time, which is moving toward us very swiftly, it will be.

A lawsuit has already been filed against a publisher of the Bible by a homosexual who alleges the Bible is a “hate book” that should be banned. (See: http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/miles/150711). The lawsuit, filed in Michigan, alleges "malicious negligence, strict liability, malice, libel, and violating his civil rights." The man who filed the lawsuit is seeking $60 million in damages for what he claims is the “emotional duress and mental instability” he suffered as a result of the Bible’s description of homosexuality as a sin. We are seeing the beginning of a campaign of suppression that will give rise to criminal and civil statutes that make traditional moral teaching a hate crime.

In the wake of the legalization of “gay marriage” in the United States, following its legalization in Ireland, the Pope, in contrast, identified what he considers the major moral evil of our time: neglect of the environment as witnessed by such atrocities as too much “air conditioning.” And, of course, there is always the daily attack on Catholics who take the doctrines of the Faith too literally, along with the vilification of capitalism (see:http://fatima.org/perspectives/sv/perspective750.asp).

The Pope’s recently concluded trip to South America saw him praising a martyr to Marxism, Father Juan Espinal, and accepting and later placing at Our Lady of Copacabana’s feet the hammer-and-sickle crucifix and medallion presented to him by Bolivian strong man Evo Morales. (See:

The family, as defined by the Church, by natural law, by anyone with common sense, is under intense and unprecedented assault throughout the world, and the Pope is preoccupied with his favourite topic: the poor, which he claims are at the centre of the Gospel. Which gospel? One has to wonder. And after prescribing socialist economic policies based on newly minted sacred rights to labour and lodging, the Pope cavalierly admits to journalists on his plane trip home that he is “allergic” to economics, about which he knows very little. (See: http://www.dpa-international.com/news/international/sidebarpope-is-allergic-to-economics-expresses-sympathy-for-tsipras-a-45938772.html)

What can be said while remaining respectful?

Meanwhile, in the real world, diabolical disorientation is accelerating. The new hero in the media is Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner, who is being lionized and showered with awards for having the courage to mutilate his body so that he might “become a woman.” The U.S. military is ready to accommodate the transgendered who wish to become soldiers. And bakers who don’t want to make cakes for “gay weddings” are being punished by the courts with economic ruin. Imprisonment cannot be far in the offing.

And the Catholic Church is getting ready for round two of the Synod on the Family, which is obviously designed to change the Church’s teaching about divorce, remarriage and reception of the sacraments. Homosexuality will also be on the agenda, apparently for the purpose of discovering something wonderful or redeeming about sodomy and the moral values of those who practise it. (See: http://fatima.org/perspectives/ef/perspective748.asp)

Sister Lucy warned us of this diabolical disorientation that has become our reality. She also said something about the final battle now being fought: Satan's attack would focus on the family and marriage (see: http://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/2015/06/cardinal-what-sister-lucia-told-me.html).

Can there any longer be any doubt about what is at stake at the coming Synod on the Family in October?

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