1 Jun 2015

       Tribute to Vladimir Putin

They loved Gorbachev because he killed the Bear... They adored Yeltsin because he allowed them to feed on the carcass of the Bear... They now hate and fear Putin because he resurrected the Bear!

Watching President Vladimir Putin feels like watching history being made. Despite the relentless propaganda aimed against President Putin by the political West, his star continues to rise. When the political history of the current age is finally recorded by future generations, Russia's Putin will no doubt be recognized as one of the greatest leaders in world history. 

Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright is believed to have said that the natural wealth found in the vastness of the Russian Federation was too much for one country to posses. It is now obvious that the West would have loved to live off the bountiful carcass of the Soviet Union. They managed to do just that during the 1990s when Russia was on its knees. Russia's Western-backed oligarchs illegally acquired their immense wealth at the time. But that was merely not enough for them. Some of them joined forces with Western interests and began conspiring against the Russian state. Their ultimate intent was to either fragment Russia or weaken it significantly by making it subservient to the political West. Through theirpowerful connections inside a post-Soviet Russia, they exploited the nation's wealth as the Russian nation when into deep remission.

Then, unexpectedly Vladimir Putin appeared on the scene. The Kremlin was liberated. Within a few short years Vladimir Putin turned what in essence was a failed state into a great world power once again. Western powers are now trying to figure out who is this Vladimir Putin and what went wrong with their grand plans to exploit the Eurasian continent at will. 

I wish a great leader like Vladimir Putin appears in the US as well. Only a Putinesque leader can save the US from its political/financial decline and cultural degradation. But we all know that such a thing would never happen in the US because America's mighty oligarchs (i.e. its mega-corporations, Wall Street banksters, oil men, war profiteers and Jewish interests) tightly control the reigns of government in Washington and the American people are utterly  powerless against them.

I firmly believe that western/European civilization, apostolic Christianity, conservatism in social affairs, the traditional family and political sanity on earth will prove to have been preserved as a result of the sudden emergence of the Russian Federation as a superpower reasserting itself in global affairs. The sociopolitical mechanisms put into place by President Putin will one day prove to have saved humanity from another dark age. Under President Putin, the Russian Federation has become the last and only front against the Anglo-American-Zionist global empire; the only front against Pan-Turkism; the only front against Islamic extremism; and the only front against the world's newest form of Bolshevism - Globalism.

Nonetheless, imagine the political state of world today without the existence of the Russian Federation as a geopolitical factor. President Vladimir Putin's appearance on the political stage was in a sense God sent. What he and his supporters in the Kremlin managed to accomplish during the past decade was in my opinion one of history's most important turning points. President Putin turned me, an Armenian nationalist and a proud American libertarian - into a Russophile.


Source: Heralding the Rise of Russia.
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