23 May 2015


                                                              By Fr. Paul Kramer 

Benedict XVI and Francis 1

Father Paul Kramer
There are among the cardinals some of them who still have the Catholic faith (even some whose understanding of it is sometimes gravely erroneous or even materially heretical on various points) -- they are giving subtle indications that there is something very wrong with Bergoglio, and they are greatly disquieted. They certainly hold him under grave suspicion of formal heresy. I believe they are prudently waiting for the moment when the die will be cast in such a manner that there will be no longer any possibility for doubt or denial -- when "Pope" Francis will commit the Church formally into heresy. It will be clear that Francis cannot possibly be pope because he will omit an act that for a pope would constitute a formal act of defection of the Papacy. 

Then the greatest schism will take place when Bergoglio, the spearhead and standard bearer of the Apostasy will lead the stampede of the CINOs (Catholics in Name Only) into crass and manifest heresy. Then, finally, it will become clear to faithful Catholics that Bergoglio is the heretic and schismatic antipope; and the still Catholic cardinals will recognize the fact of the nullity of Bergoglio's election and the invalidity of Pope Benedict's "renunciation".

The invalidity of Benedict's "renunciation" is already patent in the fact that he explicitly declared his intention to partially retain the munus of the petrine office; which office cannot be vacated unless its holder fully and entirely relinquishes the munus, and thereby vacates the office. This is so because the petrine munus consists of the official duties of the pope, and thus pertains essentially to the papal office, and singularly resides in the person of the Supreme Pontiff. Hence, one who explicitly declares his intention not to entirely relinquish the munus thus expresses his intention to retain what essentially pertains to the office, and consequently does not vacate the office.

The fact of the nullity of Benedict's renunciation will only be confirmed in the minds of faithful Catholics when the defection of Bergoglio into obstinate and manifest formal heresy becomes patently and immediately evident to all -- then the faithful Catholic cardinals in the Sacred College will be able to be secure in their rejection of Jorge Bergoglio and acknowledgment that Benedict XVI, in spite of his personal materially heretical opinions, still retains the munus, grace, and charism of the Papacy which have preserved him from any act of formal papal defection.

                        Three things to note about the “resignation” of Benedict XVI:

1. After his resignation, the Vatican announced that Benedict XVI will still be known as Pope, but the unheard-of “Pope Emeritus”, or “Roman Pontiff Emeritus”; and that he will also continue to be known by his papal title of Benedict XVI—rather than reverting to Joseph Ratzinger—and he will continue to be addressed as "Your Holiness" Benedict XVI!

2. That he will continue to wear his papal white—rather than the black of an ordinary priest, or the red of a cardinal!

3. According to tradition, the papal apartments are sealed and the Pope's gold ring— known as the fisherman's ring—is smashed with a specially designed silver hammer when the Pope leaves office. "Objects strictly tied to the ministry of St Peter must be destroyed," the Vatican says. This time around, though, the insignia on Benedict XVI's ring was merely scratched with a cross so that it can be kept for posterity!
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