2 Aug 2017

An old Colombian Professor denounces Francis and his heretical supporters

 Jonathan Ekene Ifeanyi
Galat versus Francis
The article by OnePeterFive, published on July 31 with the title “Colombian Professor Criticizes Pope Francis, Declared Excommunicated”, is important but also misleading at the same time. It is important because it is certainly the site (OnePeterFive) that publicised the news about the good work Prof. Galat is doing on his television station (Teleamiga), but misleading because it gives the false impression that Francis, a heretic, can “excommunicate” a practising Catholic—or in fact that Galat has been “excommunicated” (and for opposing a manifestly heretical anti-pope for that matter!) Of course, OnePeterFive is among the innumerable “traditionalists” sites that pretend to be opposing the errors of Francis when—in fact—its contributors do defend him by regarding him as a validly elected pope and wilfully ignoring his manifest heresies which simply place him outside the Church.  

The article, written by Maike Hickson, reads partly:

Some troubling news has, once more, just come to us from Colombia. As we reported a while ago, there was the case of Don Uribe Medina, a parish priest punished for criticizing Pope Francis and his novel teaching concerning marriage. Fortunately, that case was resolved on good terms, with Fr. Uribe’s own bishop now even fully defending the Church’s traditional teaching on marriage.

In the new case, however, Professor José Galat, former rector of the La Gran Colombia University and founder and owner of the television station Teleamiga, has been declared excommunicated for his purported schismatic attitude. More specifically, he and his own weekly TV program, Un Café con Galat (Coffee with Galat), have been accused of not being sufficiently obedient toward Pope Francis.

Significantly, it was Galat himself who, at the time of the Don Uribe case, hosted the priest and gave him the scope to defend his positions.

Galat himself recently made statements on his own television show, where, citing the “Sankt Gallen Mafia,” of whom Belgian cardinal Godfried Danneels is among the most famous members, he claimed that Pope Francis was unlawfully elected. He also claimed that Pope Francis is distorting many aspects of the Catholic Church’s fundamental teaching.

For these statements – and especially in light of the imminent mid-September 2017 visit of Pope Francis to Colombia – the bishops of Colombia have taken canonical steps against Prof. Galat.

One of the more unusual steps is that, on 26 July, Monsignor Pedro Mercado, president of the Ecclesiastical Tribunal of Bogotá, has published the following statement on Twitter (sic): “For obstinate disobedience toward the pope, José Galat has placed himself outside of the Communion with the Church. He cannot receive the Sacraments.” On the same day, the same prelate posted, again on his Twitter feed, a picture with himself and Pope Francis along with the caption: “I am Catholic and I am in communion!”

ACI Prensa, the Spanish branch of Catholic News Agency (CNA), has already published two articles on this Galat case. On 25 July, ACI Prensa reported that the Episcopal Conference of Colombia (CEC) “lamented the content of the Colombian television channel Teleamiga, which claims to be of Catholic inspiration but which attacks Pope Francis.” The bishops now “urged priests, religious, and lay people to cease any support they give” to this program. In their 25 July statement, the bishops also state that “Teleamiga does not represent, nor reflect, the teaching of the Catholic Church; therefore it cannot call itself a ‘Catholic channel.’” Here ACI Prensa also directly quotes the bishops: “Based on Canon Law, we point out that, by rejecting submission to the Pope and seriously injuring the communion of the Church, a schism is thereby incurred and other people are [thus also] induced to fall into it.”

The Colombian bishops – three of whom have signed the statement, among them the president of the Episcopal Conference – especially criticized the messages coming from Un Café con Galat as carried out by the founder and director of Teleamiga. The bishops accuse him of sowing among the Catholic faithful, with the help of “superficial and harmful arguments,” “attitudes of detachment and doubt regarding the validity of the pontificate of Pope Francis.”

The Colombian bishops also stressed that they have sought “the way of dialogue” with Galat “over the years.” “However, a calm and fruitful approach has not been possible, nor has there been a change of attitude [on his part],” they added. Next to telling Catholics not to support the channel anymore, the bishops also declare that “it is an absolute contradiction that the Teleamiga channel should continue to transmit the celebration [and Sacrifice] of the Eucharist and that, in its facilities, there is to be found the Blessed Sacrament [reserved].”

Teleamiga has been airing traditional Masses. The Colombian bishops advise the faithful to look for other ways and means to find “sound doctrine.” For example, the bishops have explicitly invited the faithful to prepare themselves well for a welcome of Pope Francis on his upcoming visit to Colombia (Bogotá, Villavicencio, Medellín, and Cartagena) and to listen to him “with docility.”

It might be of worth to note that the Archdiocese of Bogotá, Colombia is also about to host a conference given by Monsignor Pio Vito Pinto, dean of the Roman Rota, concerning the papal document Amoris Laetitia, with 600 participants in registered attendance already.

Teleamiga is a television station licensed, among others, by the La Gran Colombia University, Bogotá, whose rector was Professor Galat himself from 1981 to 2017. Galat has studied political sciences and philosophy at different universities in Paris, France; Barcelona, Spain; and Colombia. He is now 88 years of age…and just excommunicated.

On 26 July, ACI Prensa published a follow-up report on the Galat case, quoting Bishop Mercado: “[W]ith his angry response to the episcopate and his obstinate rejection of Pope Francis, Dr. José Galat has placed himself outside the communion of the Catholic Church[.] … He should not be admitted to the sacraments until he shows clear signs of repentance.” According to Bishop Mercado, “heresy and schism are typified as canonical offenses punished with (automatic) excommunication latae sententiae.” The bishop added, “Those who have committed this crime may not receive the sacraments of the Church until manifesting a visible and sincere repentance.”

At this point, Galat is disallowed from receiving even a Catholic burial. According to the bishop, “by disobeying Pope Francis in a visible, public, and reiterated way, Dr. Galat has placed himself outside the communion of the Church.”

According to ACI Prensa, Bishop Mercado said, “[I]t is painful for me to realize that Dr. Galat, who for so many years served the Church faithfully, has ended his days in this pitiful spiritual situation.”

These tones do not sound very merciful, at least to some observers.

Well, making a mockery of this purported “excommunication”, someone wrote today—criticising OnePeterFive: Colombian Professor José Galat Went To Mass This Morning And Received Communion - Excommunicated by A TWEET? LOL!”

Please mark the words: "He also claimed that Pope Francis is distorting many aspects of the Catholic Church's fundamental teaching". "Claimed"? Here is just a clear example of how Catholics deny the truth in the face of current scandals. Let OnePeterFive show us, from the words of Prof. Galat below, what is a mere "claim" among all he says against Francis and his gang of heretics.

Here, our interest is not on this distorted report but rather on Prof. Galat’s responses to the accusations of these (above mentioned) heretical & Francis-supporting “bishops”. The first, written on 25 July, is as roughly translated below:


We cordially allow ourselves to share with the public the response to the communiqué of the Episcopal Conference dated July 25, 2017:

1. Although it is true that a Catholic should have love and adherence to the LEGITIMATE successor of the apostle Peter, we ask whether this should be given to a Pope not chosen by God, but by men—and worse, by a “mafia de cárdenles”, a cynical expression used by the leader of the same, Cardinal Godfried Dannels, who declared publicly that this mafia determined the resignation of Benedict XVI and put in the papacy Francis.

This clearly shows that whoever appears as a present pontiff could scarcely have been chosen by the Holy Spirit, and that his choice was the work of a politically corrupt mafia of cardinals. José Galat does not say it. It is the same Cardinal Dannels who shamelessly affirmed it as can be corroborated in different sources:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3rvrNRcyeI (UN CAFÉ CON GALAT - ¿PORQUE CRITICAMOS AL PAPA FRANCISCO?)
http://www.ncregister.com/…/cardinal-danneels-part-of-mafia… (Cardinal Danneels Admits to Being Part of 'Mafia' Club Opposed to Benedict XVI)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxVVrdXaJoA (mafia de Cardenales)
http://www.outono.net/…/el-cardenal-danneels-admite-formar…/(El cardenal Danneels admite formar parte de una ‘mafia’ progresista en la Iglesia Católica)
https://www.eldiario24.com/…/cardenal-revelo-mafia-buscaba-… (Un cardenal reveló a la mafia que buscaba reemplazar a Benedicto XVI por Francisco)
http://www.hispantv.com/…/iglesia-catolica-mafia-cardenal-d… (Cardenal belga admite su papel en una ‘mafia’ para dirigir la Iglesia católica)
http://infocatolica.com/?t=noticia&cod=24945 (El cardenal Danneels admite haber sido parte de un grupo de presión para elegir Papa)

2. The anti-canonical choice of Francis points to his undoubted illegitimacy of origin, to which was later added an illegitimacy of exercise for teaching doctrines contrary to the Catholic faith. Some significant examples show it:

— According to Francis, everyone is saved whether or not he complies with the commandments, which openly contradicts Jesus' affirmation “Many are called but few are chosen” (Matthew 22:14).

— That proselytism is nonsense and that the one who does it commits an injustice, when on the contrary Christ says to his disciples “Go and make DISCIPLES of all nations baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” (Matt. 28; 19).

— That adulterers ... may receive communion, when St. Paul warns: “Therefore, he who eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord unworthily will have to give an account of the Body and Blood of the Lord” (1 Corinthians 11; 27).

There are many more examples, which I have been pointing out in my Teleamiga programmes.

3. Now, because they are defending the faith of the Church in the face of the follies of the pontiff, some want to point out that (our channel) is a non-Catholic channel. And with this the directives of the Conference incur a great contradiction, implying that we are schismatics who defend the faith, when it is the exact opposite, because to attack those truths puts the one who does it outside the Church, and that is the one who becomes a schismatic and apostate.

4. “False and harmful” is the silence of those called to defend the faith who do not do it by complicity or cowardice and want to indulge in vain against Teleamiga, if it does.

5. Very respectfully we challenge the Colombian Episcopate to respond and counter-argument with biblical evidence and the traditional teaching of the Church, what are our alleged errors that have caused their “superficial and harmful” anger.

In conclusion, we and the whole country require an answer. Why persecute those who defend the faith of the Church?

President Canal Teleamiga

See press release Episcopal Conference:

Again, on 26 July, just a day after his first response to the heretical “episcopal” steps taken against him, Prof. Galat also responded on his Facebook page to the claim that he is using “harmful and superficial” arguments (roughly translated below):

Among the unjust accusations made by the Colombian Episcopate against Teleamiga and José Galat, those who call their opinions “false and harmful” and based on "noxious and superficial" arguments stand out.


* False and harmful are the heresies taught by theologians, bishops, cardinals and even by Pope Francis, and not the defence of the truths of the faith that we have been doing on our Teleamiga Channel.  

* False and harmful, and even very harmful, is to induce the eternal damnation of those who follow the heresies and those false doctrines against the faith of the church, taught and sustained by Pope Francis.

* False (is) Amoris Laetitia, which instead of calling (adultery) a sin, calls it an “irregular situation”—one of the sins that most displease God, which is the betrayal of a person who joins another who is not his legitimate partner. It is harmful to destroy the family with the virtual legalization of adultery that is now to be easily achieved, according to the principles contained in that document of Francis.

* It is false and harmful to mislead believers by telling them that the whole world is saved and that the logic of the gospel is that no one is condemned, thus contradicting one of the maxims of Jesus Christ: “If you want to enter into eternal life, keep the commandments” (Matthew 19:17), but the breach of this condition closes the door of salvation and therefore Christ warned: “many are called, but few are chosen.” (Matthew 22:14)

* False and harmful is to say that “if the education of a boy is given by Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox or Jews, I do not care. I am interested in being educated and taken away from hunger.” (Francis expressed literally in the interview given to Gerson Camarotti, from Global News, on July 29, 2013, in Rio de Janeiro). But giving priority to the education of the body by bread rather than by the word of God severely contradicts the statement of Jesus Christ, "Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God" (Matthew 4: 4).

* False and harmful are many other erroneous teachings that are being proclaimed everywhere by Pope Bergolio.

* Very false and very harmful! Are the inexplicable silences of the Catholic hierarchy, by principle called to teach the truths of faith and to correct errors and heresies before the nonsense that Pope Francis daily dictates.

Then a voice like that of the Canal Teleamiga, and like those of Jose Galat and Rafael Arango, who fervently defend the true teachings of Christ, these replacing the silent hierarchs, are far from being false and harmful voices. They are those that every Christian should have on his lips, and therefore the Lord blesses those who pronounce them and rejects those who on earth claim censorship and excommunication.

And finally, it is neither Teleamiga nor José Galat, nor the millions of faithful who tune into their programmes, that are outside the Church. Those who have remained or will remain outside the church, are undoubtedly those who support the heresies or do not fight them as it is their duty to do so.


* Superficial and harmful, they would be lucubration without proof or logical rigour, but the arguments of the badly qualified false and harmful opinions of Teleamiga, are on the contrary rigorously supported with real facts, taken from serious and known sources. Let it not be said, then, that the arguments set forth in "Coffee with Galat," to show the follies of Pope Francis and his entourage of flatterers, are superficial and harmful opinions. Take the trouble to consult the links that are constantly mentioned in Teleamiga programmes, so that they do not later claim, nor qualify as superficial and harmful those that are their own omissions in this regard.

In conclusion, superficial and harmful is: Illusion and flooding the masses without criteria, scratching their affective sensibilities, and neglecting the word of God, tradition and sound Doctrine. Let us not forget that “he who wants to be friends with the world, is an enemy of God” (James 4: 4).

José Galat, Bogotá D.C. July 26, 2017.
Galat versus Francis
Finally, it is good to remark that the Nigerian situation—tragically—is currently worse than that of Colombia. We can see, at least from the case of Prof. Galat, that in Colombia—as in some other countries—the lay faithful are reacting to the heresies of Bergoglio and his heretical bishops and priests. Quite contrarily, in Nigeria—at least talking from my own personal experience—virtually all the laity and clergy are in support of Francis and his heresies. Indeed, it’s a nationwide spiritual blindness! We need many Prof. Galats here. But unfortunately not even one exists.

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