16 Aug 2017

“To obey a false Pope is not to obey the true Peter, the true Church, or the true Christ.” (Prof. Galat)

Galat versus Francis
Some days ago, one Msgr. John R. Schulte addressing the writer of the article “Quo Vadis?”, made the following comments:

“...The first 25 years of my priesthood were spent (except for the first two) under a bishop who did horrible things to the diocese in which I had grown up. At times I thought of leaving the diocese or even the priesthood. I thought about some of the other things I had always wanted to do and imagined that I would get a little apartment somewhere, live quietly, and just try to be a good person. Of course, that is not what I was ordained to do. God had given me a different vocation. Now I am officially old and I am tired and all the old nonsense is being touted by all the same old crowd that held sway in the 1970's, 80's, and 90's in most dioceses in the USA. I don't really relish the job of being "Athanasius Contra Mundum" all over again, and maybe I won't be able to. You, however have a very definite role to play. The scoundrels who lied, manipulated, bullied, and co-opted Vatican II got away with what they did because there was no way for most of us to hear or read anything but what they were telling us - on their own, and through the chanceries, schools, and universities they controlled. They were the darlings of the secular media. Now things have changed. They did not get away with their plans to corrupt the last synod of bishops with impunity as they had Vatican II and it made them as angry as hell! Why was their campaign for the spreading of false information foiled? It was because of people like you! I think that somebody out there needs to tell the truth!!!! The internet is the most powerful tool for doing that. The scoundrels in high places would love nothing more than for you to give up. Yes, we need saints! There is always going to be a need for people who go off to the wilderness and live lives of holiness, sacrifice, penance, and prayer. But there is also a need for somebody to tell the truth - and that somebody is you!”

Sure, many people are beginning to wake up from their apathetic slumber. But unfortunately not the majority! The majority of priests and lay Catholics the world over still do not care about telling the truth. In fact many simply do “enjoy” the present mess. Only an insignificant few — like Prof. Galat and co — do care, and they are currently being persecuted by the infidels and heretics whose errors they oppose. 

Four days ago, Prof. Galat responded to one of such lay "Catholics" — one infidel named Alejandro Bermudez, a defender of Francis — using sound arguments from the Bible, the “catechism” and the “canon law”. Below is our rough translation of the article. Although we do not tolerate John Paul II’s FALSE catechism that promotes terrible errors — for instance we discern error even in the one single quote below, where it talks about “other Christian faithful” as if there is anything like that apart from Catholics, an idea which Galat himself also opposes! — as well as his scandalous “New Code of Canon Law” here, we relax for now as this intelligent and God-fearing man certainly knows what he’s doing. (I take it like the case of using what is written in their own books to counter them).

Hear him:


by Jose Galat
Mr Alejandro Bermúdez comes against those who are Catholics and in use of the right to announce and denounce, which we are granted in the constitution of the church in its 37th paragraph, in the catechism in paragraph 907, and in the code of Canon Law paragraph 212, 3. We put in mind the serious errors against the faith which Pope Francis has incurred in his teaching. The number 907 of the catechism says:

"In accord with the knowledge, competence and pre-eminence which they possess, [lay people] have the right and even at times a duty to manifest to the sacred pastors their opinion on matters which pertain to the good of the Church, and they have a right to make their opinion known to the other Christian faithful, with due regard to the integrity of faith and morals and reverence toward their pastors, and with consideration for the common good and the dignity of persons.”

Mr. Bermúdez is a regular commentator on EWTN, a television station founded and directed by an extraordinary nun, the "Mother Angelica," — she, an indescribable defender of the Catholic faith, who never allowed the means of communication managed by her to serve as a springboard for characters who propagated heresies. Mother Angelica died a short time ago, and Alejandro Bermúdez, the director of the journalistic channel of the television for Hispano-America, has placed the channel at the service of the worst heretic that the Church has today, who daily and nightly pronounces follies against the truths of the faith of our noble Catholic Church. This is Pope Francis, who with his accustomed and false teachings has produced a formidable disorientation in the Christian family.

Many of those whom Bermudez mistreats with
 his ignorance — like distinguished Mexican theologian Jose Alberto Villasana and Jose Galat — have demonstrated with reasons, not with simple affirmations, the very serious offences against the faith of Pope Francis. It was also expected that with reasons, hear well with reasons!, with especially biblical arguments and the Magisterium of the same Church, Bermudez demonstrate his opinions in favour of Francis. But no! Bermudez, like any ignorant of the ABC of our Catholic faith, resorts to emotional affirmations, typical of visceral men who cannot think. Bermudez wants us to swallow, without examination, the entire thesis of Pope Bergolio — for example:

* That “no one can be condemned forever, because that is not the logic of the Gospel” since everyone is saved, whether or not he complies with the commandments, when, on the contrary, Jesus declared: “... If you want to enter into eternal life, keep the Commandments” (Mt. 19; 17) and therefore “Many are called, but few are chosen” (Mt 22:14).

* That “If the education of a boy is given by Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox or Jews, I do not care. What interests me is to educate them and take away their hunger”, — against the affirmation of the Lord who tells us that “... Man does not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God” (Mt. 4:4).

* That it is not necessary to proselytize because making disciples for Christ is nonsense and even a sin and injustice, while the newly resurrected Christ ordered his disciples to “Go, and make disciple of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” (Mt. 28; 19).

* That unrepentant adulterers can quietly enter into communion, ignoring the blunt words of St. Paul “... For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh judgment to himself, not discerning the Body of the Lord.” (1 Cor. 11: 28-29).

* That “God cannot be God without man,” ignoring that He as the Apocalypse says is the Alpha and the Omega, who is, and who was, and who is to come; and also as the same Word tells us: “Before the mountains were made, or the earth and the world was formed; from eternity and to eternity thou art God.” (Ps. 90:2).

Bermudez responds that we must accept these monstrosities and others that put in grave danger the eternal destiny of all, only because Pope Bergolio says so. But Bermudez is in default to demonstrate with reasons, with reasons!, not with adjectives, nor with sentimentality, nor with emotional verbiage, nor with personal qualifications, that the false teachings of Francis are not false, and that these do not go in opposition to the Bible or to the traditional Magisterium of the Church.

In fact, Bermudez does not consider the elemental delusions of papal teaching, but only in the condition of the Pope who pronounces it, and pretends that we swallow the toads Bergoglio gives us, only because they are being taught by someone who apparently has the status of a Universal Pontiff. No Mr. Bermudez! You must refute theses with arguments and arguments with arguments, or at least tell people with the Bible and the Catechism in your hand, whether we are the wrong ones or the Pope. If the "Mother Angelica" lived, she who so zealously remained in the authentic doctrine of Christ, do you think she would allow such disgraced ones against the faith of the believers?

Mr. Bermudez uses the Latin words, ubi Petrus ibi ecclesia, ubi ecclesia ibi Christus, which means “where Peter is there the Church is, and where the Church is, there Christ is”, and this is true, but on the condition that it is an AUTHENTIC Pope, not a fictitious one, a false one, one who teaches heresy after heresy and who was shrewdly imposed by a “mafia of cardinals”, as Cardinal Godfried Danneels, then the cardinals’ most important leader, confessed with cynicism.
Mr. Bermudez, therefore, intends that all Catholics should obey without a word, the man who has the appearance of Pope, but is not in reality. But to obey a false Pope is not to obey the true Peter, the true Church, or the true Christ — it is to obey the lie and the devil.

The proof that finally where the appearance of Peter is is not the reality of Jesus, is given to us in Chapter 13: 11 of the Apocalypse, which undoubtedly applies to a heretical Pope, a Pope who teaches falsehoods instead of truths, and also a Pope who has the appearance of such but who in reality was not chosen by the Holy Spirit, but by a corrupt, political mafia of cardinals. Thus Francis is a figure of Peter only in appearance, not in reality, and that is precisely what our critics — like Mr. Bermudez — should distinguish.

Bermudez points out the reasons given about the plotters of Francis’ fraudulent election as “irrational”. He knows that he is not trying to ....Jose Galat or Alberto Villasana, but the same cardinals who cannot ignore his political manoeuvres, who manipulated the electoral trend in the 2013 conclave, a practice prohibited and condemned under penalty of excommunication by the non-repealed Apostolic ConstitutionUniversi Dominici Gregis of John Paul II.

Also Mr. Bermudez attacks indiscriminately — and with very serious errors — all private revelations. But, although it is true that there is no obligation to believe in them, neither can they be dispatched in a joyful and irresponsible manner in block, because the Word of God already tells us, that the voice of the Holy Spirit should not be stifled and that we must discern the wrong from the true. “Extinguish not the Spirit. Despise not prophecies. But examine all things; hold fast that which is good.” (1 Thessalonians 5, 19-21).

In conclusion, it is necessary that Bermudez before criticizing be informed and criticize with valid reasons, with heavy arguments, that is to say, above all with the same Word of God recorded in the Bible and taught in the Catechism. Otherwise, his critical positions will be unfounded and will not help to strengthen the life of the Church, but rather mislead the poor flock of these times, which is already quite disoriented with the guidance of the false Pope Bergolio.

José Galat.

The original article:


Lanza en ristre se viene el Señor Alejandro Bermúdez, contra quienes como católicos y en uso del derecho de anunciar y denunciar, que nos concede la Constitución sobre la Iglesia en su numeral 37, recogido en el Catecismo en el numeral 907, y en el Código de Derecho Canónico, numeral 212, 3, ponemos de presente, los graves errores contra la fe, en que el Papa Francisco ha incurrido en su magisterio. El numeral 907 del catecismo, a letra dice:

"Tienen el derecho, y a veces incluso el deber, en razón de su propio conocimiento, competencia y prestigio, de manifestar a los pastores sagrados su opinión sobre aquello que pertenece al bien de la Iglesia y de manifestarla a los demás fieles, salvando siempre la integridad de la fe y de las costumbres y la reverencia hacia los pastores, habida cuenta de la utilidad común y de la dignidad de las personas".

El señor Bermúdez es habitual comentarista de EWTN, canal de televisión fundado y dirigido por una monja extraordinaria, la “Madre Angélica”, ella, defensora indesmayable de la fe católica, que no permitió jamás que el medio de comunicación por ella manejado, sirviera de trampolín a los personajes que propagaban herejías. Murió la Madre Angélica hace poco tiempo, y Alejandro Bermúdez, apoderado de la dirección periodística del canal, para hispanoamèrica, ha puesto éste al servicio del peor hereje que tiene actualmente la Iglesia, que diaria y nochemente pronuncia insensateces contra las verdades de la fe de nuestra noble Iglesia Catrólica. Se trata del Papa Francisco, quien con sus acostumbradas y falsas enseñanzas ha producido una formidable desorientación en la familia cristiana.

Muchos de los que Bermúdez maltrata con su ignorancia, cómo el distinguido teólogo mexicano José Alberto Villasana y José Galat, han demostrado con razones, no con simples afirmaciones, las muy graves faltas contra la fe del Papa Francisco. Se esperaba también con razones, ¡óigase bien con razones!, con argumentos especialmente bíblicos y del Magisterio de la misma Iglesia, que Bermúdez demostrara sus opiniones en favor de Francisco. Pero ¡no!, Bermúdez como cualquier ignorante del ABC de nuestra fe católica, recurre a afirmaciones emocionales, típicas de hombres viscerales que no saben pensar. 

Bermúdez pretende que nos traguemos sin examen, enteras, las falsas tesis del Papa Bergolio, como por ejemplo:

*Que “Nadie puede ser condenado para siempre, porque esa no es la lógica del Evangelio” ya que todo el mundo se salva, cumpla o no los mandamientos, cuando por el contrario Jesús declaró: “…Si quieres entrar en la Vida eterna, cumple los Mandamientos” (Mt. 19; 17) y por tanto “Muchos son llamados y pocos son los escogidos” (Mt. 22; 14).

*Que “Si la educación de un chico se la dan los católicos, los protestantes, los ortodoxos o los judíos, a mí no me interesa. A mí lo que me interesa es que lo eduquen y le quiten el hambre”, esto contra la afirmación del Señor que nos dice “…No solo de pan vive el hombre, sino de toda Palabra que sale de la boca de Dios” (Mt. 4, 4).

*Que no hay que hacer proselitismo porque hacer discípulos para Cristo es una tontería y hasta un pecado e injusticia, esto desconociendo que Cristo recién resucitado ordenó a sus discípulos “Vayan, y hagan que todos los pueblos sean mis discípulos, bautizándolos en el nombre del Padre y del Hijo y del Espíritu Santo” (Mt. 28; 19).

*Que los adúlteros no arrepentidos pueden tranquilamente acceder a la comunión, ignorando las contundentes palabras de San Pablo “…porque si come y bebe sin discernir el Cuerpo del Señor, come y bebe su propia condenación” (1Cor. 11; 28-29).

* “Que Dios no puede ser Dios sin el hombre” pasando por alto que Él como dice el Apocalipsis es el alfa y el omega, el que era, el que es y el que vendrá, y además como nos dice la misma palabra “Antes de ser engendrados los montes, antes de que nacieran la tierra y al mar, desde siempre hasta siempre, eres Dios” (Sal. 90; 5).

Bermúdez responde que hay que aceptar esas monstruosidades y otras más que ponen en grave peligro el destino eterno de todos, únicamente porque lo dijo Bergolio como Papa. Pero en mora está Bermúdez de demostrar con razones, ¡con razones!, no con adjetivos, ni con sentimentalismos, ni con verborrea emocional, ni con calificaciones personales, que no son falsedades las falsas enseñanzas de Francisco, y que éstas no van en oposición a la Biblia ni al Magisterio tradicional de la misma iglesia.

En efecto, no repara Bermúdez en los elementales embustes de la enseñanza papal, sino en la sola condición del Papa que la pronuncia, y pretende que nos traguemos los sapos que nos da Bergoglio, únicamente porque lo dijo quien aparentemente ostenta la calidad de Pontífice Universal. ¡No Señor Bermúdez!, usted debe refutar tesis con tesis y argumentos con argumentos, o por lo menos dígale a la gente con Biblia y Catecismo en mano, si los equivocados somos nosotros o es el Papa. Si la “Madre Angélica” viviera, ella que tan celosamente permaneció en la auténtica doctrina de Cristo, ¿creen ustedes que permitiría semejantes desaguisados contra la fe de los creyentes?

Utiliza el señor Bermúdez el latinajo de ubi petrus ibi ecclesia ubi ecclesia ibi christus, que significa “donde está Pedro está la Iglesia, y donde está la Iglesia está Cristo”, y esto es cierto, pero con la condición de que se trate de un Papa AUTÉNTICO y no de uno ficticio, de uno falso, de uno que enseña herejía tras herejía y que fue impuesto astutamente por una “mafia cardenalicia”, como lo confesó con cinismo el Cardenal Godfried Danneels, a la sazón, líder más importante del cardenalato de nuestra Iglesia.

Pretende pues, el señor Bermúdez que todos los católicos obedezcamos sin más, a quien tiene la apariencia de Papa, pero no lo es en la realidad. Pero obedecer a un falso Papa no es obedecer al verdadero Pedro, ni a la verdadera Iglesia, ni al verdadero Cristo, eso es obedecer a la mentira y al demonio.

La prueba de que finalmente donde está la apariencia de Pedro no está la realidad de Jesús, nos la da el Capítulo 13; 11-ss del Apocalipsis, que indudablemente se aplica a un Papa herético, a un Papa que enseña falsedades en vez de verdades, pero también a un Papa que tiene la apariencia de tal, pero que en realidad no fue elegido por el Espíritu Santo, sino por una mafia cardenalicia corrupta y politiquera. Así Francisco es figura de Pedro solo en apariencia, no en la realidad y eso es precisamente lo que deberían distinguir nuestros críticos, como el señor Bermúdez.

Bermúdez señala de “irracionales” las razones que dieron los mismos complotados en la elección fraudulenta de Francisco, sepa él que no está tratando de irracional a José Galat ni a Alberto Villasana, sino, a los mismos cardenales de quienes no pueden desconocerse sus maniobras politiqueras, que manipularon la tendencia electoral en el conclave del 2013, una práctica prohibida y condenada bajo pena de excomunión por la no derogada -Constitución Apostólica Universi Dominici Gregis- de Juan Pablo II.

También el Sr. Bermúdez, arremete indiscriminadamente y con errores gravísimos contra todas las revelaciones privadas. Pero, si bien es cierto que no hay obligación de creer en ellas, tampoco se pueden despachar de forma alegre e irresponsable en bloque las mismas, porque ya nos dice la Palabra de Dios, que no hay que sofocar la voz del Espíritu Santo y que debemos discernir lo erróneo de lo verdadero. “No extingan la acción del Espíritu; no desprecien las profecías; examínenlo todo y quédense con lo bueno” (1 Tesalonicenses 5; 19-21).

En conclusión, es menester que Bermúdez antes de criticar se informe y que critique con razones valederas, con argumentos pesados, es decir ante todo con la misma Palabra de Dios consignada en la Biblia y enseñada en el Catecismo. De lo contrario, sus posiciones críticas carecerán de fundamento y contribuirán no a fortalecer la vida de la Iglesia, sino a desorientar más al pobre rebaño de estos tiempos, que bastante desorientado anda ya con la guía del falso Papa Bergolio.

José Galat.


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