14 Jul 2017

Demonic Western Education: Kids in Lagos schools taught to masturbate, kiss, hug, as forms of sexual abstinence.

by Jonathan Ekene Ifeanyi

Lagos State Governor Akinwunmi Ambode.

“Western education is a sin.” (Nigerian Islamists, Boko Haram).

The so-called “Sex education”, taught in the American and European schools, is here in Nigeria, polluting the minds of our young ones. In the article, The Sex Education Debate, published on page 21 of The Nation newspaper of Thursday, July 6, 2017, we read:

How best can Sex and Sexuality Education be taught in schools? This is the question agitating the minds of stakeholders since a concerned parent, Bello Abdullahi, posted on his facebook page a Social Studies textbook for junior secondary schools which recommended masturbation as a form of sexual abstinence.

The approved textbook titled: “Religion and National Values: Social Studies for Universal Basic Education 7 (JSS1)” identifies masturbation as a means by which teenagers could avoid pre-marital sex.

Page 50 of the said book which outlines “Ways to give and receive sexual pleasure and develop closeness without sexual intercourse” also mentions kissing, touching, hugging, mutual masturbation, companionship, sharing inmate’s thoughts, feelings, sharing fun, sharing sadness and joy as well as supporting each other.

Abdullahi’s post of the book caught fire online, with parents, guardians and educationists condemning the book’s position on the matter and describing it ‘unwholesome and unhealthy’ for teenagers. They also argued that the book’s prescribed means of abstinence were immoral.

In response to the post, some parents, under the aegis of the Association of Concerned Mothers, staged an awareness protest in Lagos a fortnight ago.

They claimed it was unfair of the government to have introduced a topic such as Sex and Sexuality Education” without due consultation with parents, and called for its holistic appraisal with a view to either abolishing it outright, or deleting aspects considered unhealthy for youngsters.

The convener of the group and popular broadcaster, Mrs Adesuwa Onyenokwe, warned the government not to treat the issue lightly, saying parents were ready to storm the office of the Governor in a fierce protest.

In a statement, the body threatened to sue the Lagos State government.

A lawyer and member of the group, Mr Sonnie Ekwounsi, noted that certain topics taught young minds in public schools were not healthy.

“They (authorities) are just being inconsiderate,” Ekwounsi said.

“They want to spoil these young children from a tender age under the pretext of teaching them the right thing on sex education. I encourage families to stand up and rebuke them for such actions,” he said. 

Another member, Miss Nkem Agboti, told The Nation that the NGO had petitioned the National Assembly that they should remove Sexual Education from the school curriculum, because they see the subject as polluting the minds of young children... And so on!

Kindly observe that the parent who took the action of posting the immoral “Social Studies textbook” on facebook is a Muslim. That is always expected. Put simply, Islamists are currently the only religious people left in contemporary Nigeria who still have some moral sense and can identify evil and denounce it, while “Christians” are those to whom all things are always permissible. The article just quoted, written by four reporters—ADEGUNLE OLUGBAMILA, STELLA EDMUND, JANE CHIJIOKE and AJOSE SEHINDEMIcertainly “Christians,” concludes by giving the impression that sex education should be allowed (because of social change...because now after all kids do watch these things on the internet, television, etc.) but should be taught “properly”—an impression which is even more scandalous than the error it tries to point out. You may even think the reporters are in support of the demonstrators. Not at all! The remaining paragraphs are carefully selected opinions of those in support of sex education! No time to quote the perverts here. But from the statement above, “They claimed it was unfair of the government to have introduced a topic such as Sex and Sexuality Education without due consultation with parents” you can discern what the morally biased reporters are up to. You know, the parents “claimed”—and here we are talking about an evil topic: “Sex and Sexuality Education”! 

Please note that this information is in no way something new to this writer. In fact, the information is even incomplete: Not only kids in secondary schools, kids in primary schools are also being sexualised. As I write, some recommended primary and secondary schools Social Studies textbooks that talk about these things are here with me. It is horrible to see what these young devils are teaching our kids.

Some years ago a woman from Holy Cross Cathedral, in the Archdiocese of Lagos, a very devoted Catholic who could not afford to send her very brilliant daughter to a Catholic secondary school nearby after the completion of her primary education because of the expensive fees charged by the authorities in these “Catholic” schools, narrated her woes to me. When she mentioned the amount of money she was asked to pay I nearly shed tears. The criminal amounts charged in these (even Protestantised) “Catholic” schools make it quite impossible not only for poor Catholic parents but also even for parents from average families to send their children to these schools. The result is that only children from very rich families—I mean, very, very rich families, many of whom are not even Catholics but rich Protestants, rich Muslims, etc.—attend these ecumenical “Catholic” schools! Hence children of poor Catholic parents—like the daughter of the woman in question—often end up attending state schools or any of the innumerable money-making “private schools” which, like “Pentecostal churches”, currently pervade Nigerian society like wildfire, and are among the poor victims of sex education we’re talking about.
His Grace Adewale Martins, Archbishop of Lagos.
Who can save these kids? Going to schools, it is the devil who awaits them to teach them. Going to the “churches” on Sundays, the same devil disguises as pastors or priests to preach to them. Turning to their parents at home, the same devil, still disguising, gives them mobile phones, puts on the television for them to watch these things—exposing them to all kinds of vices. Who then, can save these kids?

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