20 Jun 2017

Francis not yet a manifest heretic? This is serious!

by Jonathan Ekene Ifeanyi
Heretics praying for "Cardinal" Bergoglio

Heretics praying for "Pope" Francis.
Yesterday I read a certain article on the recent letter sent to Francis by the Dubia Cardinals. (In case you haven’t read the letter, here is it: Full Text of Dubia Cardinals’ Letter Asking Pope for an Audience.) On the comments section of the article, one commentator said the following:

“...Bergoglio knows full-well he is guilty and is refusing correction. There is only one recourse: the Cardinals must formally and publicly denounce him for heresy and seek an immediate retraction. If Bergoglio refuses, then his heresy is manifest and pertinacious, and he must be formally deposed. I don't care if the denunciation comes from only the four of them, but come it must, and soon.”

These comments are just funny. “If Bergoglio refuses, then his heresy is manifest and pertinacious.” So? So, up till now — with all the atrocities Bergoglio has committed from 2013 till now — his “heresy” is still not “manifest”? And will never be unless he refuses to answer the cardinals! This is serious. But I don’t blame the person commenting — the blame goes to the innumerable lying “Catholic” journalists around the world who, by their manifest lack of interest in what the Church really teaches with respect to manifest heretics, are just helping to harbour Bergoglio. The commentator was merely saying what he learnt from these journalists. 

What we should all note is the fact that the cardinals themselves — I mean even the Dubia Cardinals themselves — also have serious problems with Church teachings. They don’t accept all that the Church teaches, rather they pick and choose what they want to believe, and reject the rest of Church teachings. That’s why we notice that Bergoglio has even openly and officially contradicted some of the dogmas of the Church but these cardinals have no problem with that. Let us note that the war Bergoglio is leading right now was actually a war started by the other Vatican II popes—John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul II, and Benedict XVI. Some of these Dubia Cardinals were cardinals during the pontificates of some of these popes, and they had no problem with all that they did and taught. They are all products of Vatican II and that's why in one way or the other they always try to defend the errors of that heretical Council. All this clearly shows that — as far as Church teaching is concerned — anyone who depends on these cardinals will simply remain in error. In order to know what the Church really teaches, we must then go back to the pre-Vatican II period.

However, we commend the cardinals’ courageous effort. See, for instance, If the dubia go unanswered, the consequences could be catastrophic.  

The articles below are well documented cases of what Francis has done and still does, what he taught and still teaches. Of course these are in no way all, but these few documented cases tell us who the man really is. Some of the articles also tell us who is a manifest heretic and what the Church really teaches regarding manifest heretics. Let us review them:

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