24 Jun 2016

Father Paul Kramer on Benedict XVI’s confusing words: ...there's much behind the scenes...

Pope John XXII (1316-34) was the second Avignon pope. Early in his pontificate, the pope intervened in a long-standing conflict between two factions in the Franciscan order—the Spirituals,  who favoured strict adherence to St. Francis' rule of poverty, and the Conventuals, who held to a broader interpretation. Pope John XXII supported the Conventuals and persecuted the Spirituals who resisted his decision. He later condemned the whole Franciscan theory of evangelical poverty in two decretals (letters): Ad Conditorem Canonum (1322) and Cum Inter Nonnullos (1323), asserting “scriptural evidence” to show that Christ and the Apostles had owned property!

Later, new accusations of heresy were provoked by John's ideas about the experience of God by the souls of the blessed in the afterlife (the Beatific Vision), which the pope expressed in four sermons delivered in the winter of 1331–32. The Catholic Church—and all the popes before John XXII—teaches that the saints in heaven were immediately admitted to a full vision of the Godhead. John XXII disagreed, holding that the fullness of the Beatific Vision would be delayed until the resurrection of the dead and the Last Judgement at the end of the world. Thomas Wallensis, an English Dominican, was even imprisoned for publicly disputing the pope’s position, which was subsequently condemned by a committee of doctors of the University of Paris. Again, immediately John XXII vomited just this single heresy, a pro-imperial cardinal, Napoleone Orsini, began secret negotiations with the Emperor for the convocation of an ecumenical council to judge John. But John XXII eventually retracted his heretical opinion on his deathbed.

Now let’s pause for a moment and compare this episode to the case of Francis I, who, supported by many heretically notorious clerics, keeps dishing out innumerable heresies almost on daily basis even while the majority of churchmen all over the world are just silent, while the insignificant few who dare to point out these heresies are daily accused of “attacking the pope” and even labelled “heretics”, “schismatics”, etc.!  

In this chat, Father Paul Kramer responds briefly to questions on the situation before us—Benedict XVI’s resignation, Francis’ daily heresies, “vacancy” of the Holy See, civil war in Syria, the Third Secret, and the Consecration of Russia.

Pope Benedict XVI "resigns"
Question: As one commentator once put it—regarding Benedict XVI’s resignation: “If anyone wondered about Benedict's interest, they might have found a clue in a long interview that he gave to the German journalist Peter Seewald for his 2010 book, Light of the World”. In that 2010 interview—five years after reigning as pope—in which Benedict XVI gave his most personal account of the distress caused to him by the clerical sex abuse scandal, with particular reference to Germany and Ireland, he did not consider resigning over the crisis but does raise the possibility of a pope resigning if he were to lose his mental capacities (and the reasons he eventually gave for “resigning”, old age and deteriorating health, were similar). He said, during the 2010 interview with Peter Seewald: “If a Pope clearly realises that he is no longer physically, psychologically, and spiritually capable of handling the duties of his office, then he has a right and, under some circumstances, also an obligation to resign.” Compare this to what he said during his “resignation” in 2013: “After having repeatedly examined my conscience before God, I have come to the certainty that my strengths, due to an advanced age, are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the Petrine ministry”. I think there is a correspondence here. And this, plus Benedict XVI’s visit—in fact twice—to the tomb of Pope St. Celestine in 2009, the pope who resigned in 1294, which indicates that he probably had been harbouring this thought of resignation right before 2013, perhaps right from the very day he was elected! Putting aside the other facts regarding Francis’ “election”, what do you think?

Father Kramer: Judging by Benedict’s own words, he appears to have deliberately done exactly what Mons. Gänswein described: attempting to “enlarge” the petrine office to be filled by two men, one exercising the active ministry, and the other the contemplative aspect of the papal munus. However, as Antonio Socci has said, there's much behind the scenes that had taken place which is not yet known to the public.

Francis I dishing out heresies
Question: Francis continues to dish out heresies almost on daily basis even while all the priests and bishops are just silent. What do you think about this ugly situation?

Father Kramer: There are many traitors who agree with Bergoglio's heresies and scandalous pastoral measures and “reforms”. Those who are of the “old religion” are not wielding the levers of power. They are afraid to act, lest they be marginalized like Cardinal Burke.

Question: The Global Peace Index recently found Syria to be the least peaceful country for the second year running as it continues to be ravaged by a civil war considered to be the deadliest in the 21st century. Do you think the present crisis in Syria may lead to the Third World War?

Russian Antonov arriving Syria
World War
Father Kramer: In one word, “Yes.” The situation in Syria is a festering wound inflicted by Western powers and instigated by the Zionists. The Anglo/US/NATO powers are under the domination of Judeo-Masonry, which seeks to instigate a Russian war against the West, provoked by US/NATO hostility and aggression. It's only a matter of time—which is running out.

Question: Issues like the Third Secret and the Consecration of Russia now appear to be things of the past. Do you think Russia will eventually be consecrated by a pope and the Third Secret released?

Father Kramer: When the war breaks out between Russia and the West, then the 3rd Secret will be revealed. It will likely be the next pope—the legitimate successor of Benedict XVI who will consecrate Russia.

Question: What do you think will be (or already is) the consequence of the Church’s disobedience to Our Lady of Fatima? I mean the consequence of the refusal by the pope and the world bishops to heed her request?

Father Kramer: We are living through the consequences of non compliance with Our Lady's request; and the worst is yet to come. World war, bloody persecution of the true Catholic Church, enforcement by the global secular power of the counterfeit “Church” in communion with the One World Church of United Religions, global genocide intended to exterminate 90% of humanity.

Question: Sedevacantists’ position that all V2 popes are false has really done more harm than good. A lot of well-meaning Catholics have been confused by this position. What do you think? 

Father Kramer: The worst thing is that there will most likely be a fairly long period (more than 2 years), that there will be claimants but no recognizably certain pope. During the extended interregnum during which the See will really be vacant, Catholics who don't recognise the more dominant antipope will be labelled as “schismatics”, and even “heretics”, just for their being “sedevacantist” during a real vacancy of the See.

Question: Your advice to Catholics?

Father Kramer: Catholics by and large will be under great pressure to accept the “reformed” religion, which will be a perverse religious system of abominable impiety. The Mass will be almost impossible to find for the vast majority. Catholics will have to endure persecution, and persevere in isolation; with their Catholic devotions in private and in hiding. They must hold out and wait for help from heaven which will surely come just at the moment when evil will appear triumphant and all seems lost.


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