19 Sep 2015

625,000 Catholics ask Francis I to dispel moral confusion at Synod

Thunder strikes the Vatican as pope quits
By Jonathan Ekene Ifeanyi 

Confused Catholics around the world are asking Francis I to reaffirm traditional Church teaching on marriage and family at the Synod in Rome next month.  A coalition of 58 pro-family groups is promoting a worldwide petition called ‘Filial Appeal to His Holiness Pope Francis on the Future of the Family.’  So far the petition has been signed by 8 cardinals, 170 bishops and more than 625,000 concerned Catholics from a total of 160 countries.

"Catholics in general are deeply perplexed," said HIRH Prince Bertrand of Orleans-Braganza, one of the prominent petition signers.  "As the sexual revolution continues to claim the innocence of our children and rip the family apart, we find shepherds within the sacred walls of Holy Mother Church who issue statements that contradict and undermine 2,000 years of sound Church teaching."

It should be recalled that life and family leaders worldwide have been alarmed by a list the Vatican released on Tuesday, September 15, containing the names of those who will participate in the upcoming Synod on the Family, including a special list of 45 prelates handpicked by Francis I, many of whom publicly support positions contrary to the teaching or practice of the Catholic Church. Most of the prelates slated to attend the unfortunate Synod have openly challenged Church moral doctrine.  For example, in a recent interview with La Civilta Cattolica, a Jesuit periodical, the apostate Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna spoke approvingly of homosexual unions.  “We can and we must respect the decision to form a union with a person of the same sex," he said, "[and] to seek means under civil law to protect their living together with laws to ensure such protection.”

However, many high-ranking Church leaders disagree with Cardinal Schönborn, a delegate at the upcoming Synod.

Cardinal Raymond Burke declared in a video interview released by Polonia Cristiana that, "It is heresy to teach that homosexual relations...are not disordered, to teach that they have positive elements."

In the same documentary video, Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga added: "... if we believe that homosexuals brought something into the Church, it is nothing but debauchery and licentiousness. ... The Holy Scripture beautifully says that such people will not get into Heaven."
Meanwhile, concerned Christian families—as well as some Protestants—who signed the so-called Filial Appeal petition are praying that “Pope” Francis will set the record straight, dispel the confusion, and reaffirm the Church's unwavering fidelity to divine and natural law.

"In times like these, we must recall God's promise to Saint Peter, 'That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it' (Matt. 16:18).  It is our duty to remain faithful, knowing that God has already won against the forces of darkness," Prince Bertrand of Orleans-Braganza concluded.

On September 29, the feast of Saint Michael the Archangel, the worldwide pro-family petition to Francis I will be officially presented in the Vatican.

While we laud the courage of those taking the present action, we cannot fail, however, to point out their ignorance. “Pope” Francis, the man expected to “reaffirm” Church traditional teaching on marriage and the family, is the same number one man among all the brains behind the current revolution! For now, we cannot say much on this, but to conclude with the following letter received by someone from a devout Catholic who wants to be well-disposed toward “Pope” Francis, but is challenged by current events:

“You are aware of my thoughts and feelings about the current Holy Father. Much of what he says and does disturbs me. He has caused and continues to cause much confusion, division, dismay, and damage to the Body of Christ.”

Note: On our stand that Jorge Bergoglio is not the pope of the Catholic Church, see Father Paul Kramer’s piece: THE CASE OF THE DUAL PAPACY -- "DEUX PAPES VERMOULU":

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